Announcing the 2nd National Computational Science and Engineering Symposium


Scientific computing has become an essential tool of science and engineering around the world. The critical role of computers in scientific investigation is now well recognized and access to high performance computing resources has greatly improved even in Thailand. It is taken for granted that a student graduating in science or engineering would have completed introductory courses in computer technology and computational methods. However, the resulting education and training have frequently proven insufficient for the kinds of problems that are routinely encountered today in industry or in meaningful academic research. This situation needs to be resolved in order to develop human resources for problem solving in the real world. The Computational Science and Engineering Program (CSEP) aims to establish a systematic exchange of ideas between computer science and the traditional science and engineering disciplines. It attempts to provide the institutional support, in terms of personnel and infrastructure, to address such needs in research and education. The annual National Computational Science and Engineering Symposium was initiated by Graduate Research and Education Consortium (GREC)/CSEP as a step toward recognizing the achievements of scientists, engineers and researchers from all areas of scientific computing in the Thai community. It was first held this year at the National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA) building during March 20-21, 1997. There were 71 participants from 15 different local academic institutions and organizations. There were 22 contributed papers and 4 invited lectures covering the areas of computational chemistry, computational physics, and computer science and computer engineering. In this 2nd symposium, participants in this 3-day event will have a chance to join the special workshop/tutorials, listen to the well known guest speakers in their fields of interest, and present their work. A session in computational biology has also been added to this year's agenda. So if you think you share this same vision and interest, please come and join us!

1st Announcement and Call for Papers

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Registration Info for the 26-27 March 1998

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