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January, 1996

CSEP is now a "national education demonstration technology" as noted by the White House, see http://www.whitehouse.gov/WH/EOP/OP/html/edtech/html/edtech.html


Our principal server site has been selected by The McKinley Group's professional editorial team as a"3-Star" site. This rating is a special mark of achievement in Magellan, McKinley's comprehensive Internet directory of over 1.5 million sites and 40,000 reviews. Here we offer a direct link to their powerful search engine:

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March, 1995

We won an Honorable Mention from the Ben Dasher Award Committee for the papers presented at the IEEE Frontiers in Education meeting last fall. The papers:
"Building an Electronic Book on the Internet" and
"CSEP: An Interdisciplinary Syllabus for Teaching Computational Science at the Graduate Level"

Look at the February issue of IEEE Computer, pg. 108, for an in-depth review of the CSEP.
Watch for the article on CSEP in Science & Engineering Network News, February issue!

January, 1995

See the CSEP article in the Winter 1994 issue of the IEEE Computational Science and Engineering Journal!

October 12, 1994

The ORNL server has been upgraded to a pair of TFP processors with a rating of 300 MIPS and 300 FLOPS per processor. The operating system and compilers have also been upgraded.