BioInformatics Workshop

"in silico DNA, RNA, Protein Sequence,
and Structure Analysis:
Theory and Practice"

Workshop Lecturer: Workshop Leader:
Professor Dr. John R. Jungck Dr. Stephen Everse
Mead Chair of the Sciences Center for Molecular Genetics
Department of Biology Department of Chemistry
Beloit College University of California, San Diego
700 College Street 9500 Gilman Drive
Beloit, Wisconsin 53511 La Jolla, California 92093-0634

Drs. Jungck, a theoretical biologist, and Everse, an experimental biologist, have collaborated for twelve years on a number of projects which include development of a software package and an appartus for employing two dimensional pulsed field gel electrophoresis in the determination of restriction maps. Their close collaboration has taught them to respect the relevant and important contributions of both theory and practice. Professor Jungck will emphasize the theoretical, mathematical, computational, evolutionary, philosophical, and historical aspects of computational molecular biology and molecular bioinformatics. Dr. Everse will tightly couple these to the practical, hands-on approach by engaging participants in the analysis on molecular data in the computer-lab sessions that follow.

Workshop Bibliography

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