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What is CSEP

In our view, Computational Science and Engineering Program is an education program to promote and strengthen the teaching of the relatively new area called "Computational Science and Engineering" into Science or Engineering curriculum among Thai universities. Although the definitions of CSEP are different from place to place, in general they share the same understanding of using computers to analyze scientific problems. One place to learn more about CSEP is CSEP Electronic book prepared by Computational Science and Education Project sponsored by U.S. Department of Energy Copyright (C) 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996 by the Computational Science Education Project.


In 1996, the Computational Science and Engineering Programme Consortium was established as a cooperative effort among Thai universities and the National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA).
A group of people, mostly from academic area who frequently use computation resource as tools in doing their research in the Science and engineering has formed a special interest group called HPC-SIG. Dr.Royol Chitradon, Head of High Performance Computing Center (HPCC) and Dr. Rom Hiranpruk saw the potential of using computing power to the development of science and technology and the need to produce human resource in this area. With support from NSTDA, HPC-SIG and colleques from universities the CSEP was gradually formed. High Performance Computing Center is acting as the coordinator for CSEP. This programme is funded by NSTDA thru the Graduate Research and Education Consortium (GREC) and is currrently one of the five consortium areas under GREC.

Preliminary CSEP meeting

On 10-11 Febuary, 1996, there was a meeting organised by NECTEC HPCC. Attendants were from academic institutions, government organization and private sectors. There were lectures and seminars on computing science and engineering and its applications from researchers and industrial representatives. In the end, there was a brain storming discussion to find the collaborations, goals and plans to form the CSEP consortium. The proceedings from the meeting is available in zipped encapsulated postscript file here.

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